What We Cover in Faithwalking 101

  • Radical obedience

    A call to align your relationship patterns with the way of Jesus so that you can live a highly effective missional life.

  • Integrity

    Integrity is defined as (1) workability and (2) keeping your word.

  • Authenticity

    Bringing all of what you know about yourself to all of what you know of God. . . and then sharing your experience authentically with a few others.

  • Impact of vows

    A vow is a decision you made in your first formation about how to be safe in relationships. Your vows are obstacles to living a highly effective missional life.

  • Giving your word

    Giving your word to growing alignment with the way of Jesus in some arena of your life that will result in an increasingly effective missional life.

Faithwalking Central is no longer offering the Core Four curriculum, including FW 101; however, we invite you to consider taking a course from our new Faithwalking Foundations curriculum instead. For more information, visit www.faithwalking.us/foundations.

  • I expected to get information but not an experience that went so deep. It was life-changing.
    Participant from Houston, 2016

How can I sign up for Faithwalking 101?

For more information about our new Faithwalking Foundations curriculum, go to www.faithwalking.us/foundations.

Information and FAQs

Faithwalking 101 – Accepting the Call to a Missional Life Faithwalking 101 is the beginning of your Faithwalking journey. In FW 101, participants are challenged to accept the call to the missional life in their neighborhoods and workplaces – especially in ways that form relationships with the poor, the marginalized, or the oppressed. The missional life is the fully human life of radical love that Jesus models for people and calls people to embrace. In the retreat, participants are challenged to (1) identify any obstacles to missional living, (2) learn how to build spiritual muscles that overcome these obstacles, and (3) commit to engage the journey of learning to live missionally. FW 101 is also offered in an eight-week weekly series. The retreat has a rhythm of presentations, solitude, and small group discussion. Retreat leaders work to produce a shame-free environment so that participants can reflect deeply on their relationship with God and on what they need to learn in order to live missionally. Key Concepts in the 101 Retreat We believe God calls people to be his beloved children on mission with God in the world. When individuals live into their design as God's beloved, they live the abundant, eternal kind of life here and now. We call this being fully human and fully alive. This is a life full of purpose, joy, and deep connection to self, others, and God. We believe that during childhood, individuals experience emotional wounds and unmet needs that never get addressed. As a result, they make a vow(s) about how they will show up in relationships in order to be safe. This works for a child or for a short period of time in adult relationships. But if the person doesn’t address the wounds and unmet needs, they will end up with a child running their adult life, or they will live trapped by their past. We believe that in order to live the fully human life, individuals  must partner with God to find healing for those wounds and freedom from those vows. With healing and freedom, there is renewed capacity to grow into the true self that God designed for each person and thereby more fully engage the missional life without getting stopped or stuck.

How do Faithwalking 101 Events work? 

Faithwalking 101 is currently offered as a 2-day retreat or as an 8-week series.  

How much does it cost to participate in Faithwalking 101?

Faithwalking 101 is $175. Scholarships are available upon request and approval.

What do I do next?

To register for Faithwalking 101, go to the Faithwalking 101 registration page, fill out the registration form and then complete the payment process. Once you do that, you are signed up and ready to go. We will be following up with more information closer to your event date. 

What is the cancellation policy?

If you are unable to attend the FW 101 offering you registered for, you must cancel your participation TWO weeks in advance to be eligible for a refund or to move your registration to a future date. If you do not cancel your participation TWO weeks in advance your payment will not be refunded. To reschedule for a future date you will have to pay the fee again. We do understand that unexpected illness and emergencies come up. We will handle these instances on a case-by-case basis. Please notify us if this is your reason for cancelling your participation.