Key Objectives of Faithwalking 201

We have three very clear goals for Faithwalking 201.  As you participate fully in this series of seminars, you will be able to describe your progress clearly as you:

  • Increase your capacity to engage a breadth of spiritual practices that lead to breakthroughs in your relationship with God, with others and with yourself.

  • Overcome negative relationship patterns through intentionally bringing your vows into the light, renouncing them, and replacing them with vows that align with the way of Jesus.

  • Understand and gain some mastery of the practices of personal transformation that keep your transformation alive and that equip you to live missionally in authentic community.

Faithwalking Central is no longer offering the Core Four curriculum, including FW 201; however, participants who have begun the Core Four process can transfer to our new curriculum, Faithwalking Foundations. For more information, please contact Angela Raley at

Upcoming Faithwalking 201 Series

Please contact Angela Raley at about transferring to our Faithwalking Foundations curriculum.


How does Faithwalking 201 work? 

Faithwalking 201 is broken up into four components:

  1. Based on a commitment to growing integrity, each participant gives his/her word to attend at least nine (9) of the twelve (12) group meetings and to do all the homework each week.
  2. A group meeting every other week of one hour and fifteen minutes in duration in which a group leader helps you share what you are “getting” from the homework and interact with the new content.
  3. Weekly homework that engages spiritual practices and taking risks in relationships.
  4. A weekly coaching conversation in which a coach creates a safe space for reflecting on what you are learning and where your integrity gaps are showing up.

How much does it cost to participate in Faithwalking 201?

Faithwalking 201 is $175. Scholarships are available upon request and approval.


What is the cancellation policy?

If you are unable to attend the FW 201 offering you registered for, you must cancel your participation at least ONE WEEK in advance of the class to be eligible for a refund or to move your registration to a future date. If you do not cancel your participation at least a week in advance, your payment will not be refunded. To reschedule for a future date you will have to pay the fee again. We do understand that unexpected illness and emergencies come up. We will handle these instances on a case-by-case basis. Please notify us if this is your reason for cancelling your participation. 

What do I do next?

To register for Faithwalking 201, go to the Faithwalking 201 registration page, fill out the registration form and then complete the payment process. Once you do that, you are signed up and ready to go. We will be following up with more information closer to your event date. 

Do you offer Faithwalking 201 in Spanish?

For information about FW 201 in Spanish, please click here.