What are Faithwalking Circles?

  • Communities, congregations, organizations

    A Faithwalking Circle is a group of people in an identified community (congregation or 501-c-5, neighborhood, workplace) who are seeking to master the Faithwalking content and utilize it as they live missionally in their context.

  • Equipping others

    Faithwalking Circles teach, coach, and empower others, mobilizing them to live missionally in their neighborhoods, workplaces and third places.

  • Faithwalking Core Four

    Faithwalking Circles develop their own facilitators, presenters, and coaches to offer and contextualize the elements of the Faithwalking Core Four curriculum in their networks or geography. They work to become self-sufficient.

  • Learning Communities

    The goal of Faithwalking Circles is to empower two interdependent learning communities - the greater Faithwalking team and the local Faithwalking Circle team - to function and learn together over time.

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Faithwalking Circles abide by a specific agreement with the greater Faithwalking community. They develop over a period of three to four years. During this time a Faithwalking Project Manager is assigned to walk with them. 

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FAQs about Circles

How can I become part of a Faithwalking Circle?
Feel free to contact the Faithwalking Circle directly.

Can I participate in a Faithwalking offering sponsored by a Circle?
Some of the Faithwalking offerings sponsored by Faithwalking Circles are open to the public. In those cases you can participate. When those offerings are closed to the public, you will find the information clearly stated in the specific verbiage of the offering.

Are all the Faithwalking Circles included on this page?
Yes, all the active Faithwalking Circles should be included on this page. However, there are groups in exploratory phases or Circles that may be inactive. Contact us for specific information.

Do all the Circles offer all the Faithwalking curriculum?
Not necessarily. Faithwalking Circles develop their capacity to offer the Faithwalking curriculum over a period of three or four years. If you don't see a specific offering sponsored by the Faithwalking Circle you are exploring, you can always participate in a public Faithwalking offering.

Is the Faithwalking curriculum offered by a Faithwalking Circle the same as that offered directly by Faithwalking?
Yes. However, there are some levels of contextualization that may be present in each specific Faithwalking Circle.

What is required to become a Faithwalking Circle?
Becoming a Faithwalking Circle requires a process of dialogue and discernment in which the organization or group interested in becoming a Circle determines whether Faithwalking is a useful tool in their context to empower and facilitate in their members the journey of spiritual formation that leads to a missional life. This first decision happens during an exploratory phase that reflects a short-term commitment between the potential Circle and Faithwalking. If the decision is formally made to become a Faithwalking Circle, the sponsoring organization and Faithwalking make a specific agreement that will set the guidelines for a process of three phases that is usually completed in three or four years. For more information click hereor use the link below to request additional information.