“Life in the family of origin (the family you were born into and raised in) is a tremendously powerful experience” (Ronald Richardson in Family Ties That Bind). The impact of this experience extends well beyond childhood and shapes how we see ourselves, others and the world as well as how we show up in our most important relationships. Most of us leave home physically; however, leaving emotionally extends far beyond our current physical proximity.
Exploring and learning about our family of origin develops the ability to find new ways to deal with the current family environment. We all came to be who we are in our original families, and so as we find new ways to be with them, those new behaviors ripple out into all of our relationships. Family of origin work is not about changing, disparaging or blaming our families. It is about finding ways to simultaneously be connected to our original family while being an independent adult. As individuals engage this work, many report feeling more in charge of their own life, less defeated by undesirable events, and a greater ability to create the kind of life they want.
This course is a vital next step, once you have completed either the six Faithwalking Foundations modules or the Core Four courses, for continuing your transformation. The class is limited to 16 people. This course has two parts: Part 1 will meet for 10 weeks beginning in September 2023 and Part 2 for 10 weeks beginning in January 2024. Exact dates and times TBA. The book Family Ties That Bind by Ronald Richardson will provide a framework for the course. The cost of the course is $200 for Part 1 and $200 for Part 2, or $400 total.